June 8, 2020

This is the first of many blogs.  Let me say that any religious statements will be what the Catholic Church teaches and is not my opinion.  I will at times say things that are my opinion only, but I will make it clear that it is my opinion and not the churches.  I have some books that have Saints of the Day and I have a book that is all about Mary.  This type of information will be stated that it is from a book and the title and publisher will be stated.   I am very excited to have this format to reach out to you and communicate.  Let me start by talking about how we as a church are managing the restrictions and guidelines.

This is My Opinion

Shirley Green, Administrative Assistant

WOW, it has been about three months since this Covid – 19 stuff has started.  It has been very busy.  You may say, we weren’t in church, there wasn’t a bulletin, and so I shouldn’t have been busy.  Let me say that for about three months I and Father were the only ones in the office most days.  Much of it is a blurr right now.  We were trying to figure out how to keep you all connected to the church during this difficult time.  We didn’t want anyone to feel that we were not thinking about you, praying for you, missing you, but most of all we wanted to bring the Mass to you the best we could.  I know that it was never perfect but we were working with computers, my cell phone, my laptop and my I-pad. We did not have professional equipment.  We hit some big learning curves.  I have to thank Jeff Gladney our IT professional that guided me through this uncharted territory for me.  I have learned a lot and have found that I love doing live streaming and getting the Mass out to the many that are not able to attend in person.  I also loved doing the 4:00 Rosary and really hate that I am not able to do the Rosary now.  Preparing for live Mass to start were very hard.  Finding the gloves, cleaning solutions, hand sanitizers and preparing the church for social distancing took a lot of meetings, and time to prepare.  We did it and we are back having live Mass.  I thank you all for your patience and understanding.   This might be a good place to mention that if you are a Minister of the Mass please ignore the emails coming out saying that you are scheduled for a weekend.  If I wanted to stop the emails I would have to delete all ministers in the program.  I won’t do that.  We have a very short list of parishioners that are willing to do their ministry and we will call you personally to schedule you.

Thanks for reading

Shirley Green

Administrative Assistant